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In a survey of 100 business owners, we created a list of the top 15 most desired business goals for 2016.

Business Priorities in 2016


  • Want to work fewer hours
  • Take a decent holiday
  • Want to spend more time with the family and friends
  • Develop new business ideas
  • Make more money from the business
  • Improve cash flow
  • Open more sites
  • Develop a strong team that works unsupervised
  • Spend more time working on the business
  • Implement a team training program
  • Own more than one business
  • Have systems for how we do business
  • Be recognized as a successful business owner
  • Franchise the business
  • Implement a successful marketing system
  • Have a plan for my business focusing on the next 2-3 years
  • Have a business that works without me

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