The New Personality Self -portrait

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The New Personality Self -portrait  is the only guide to personality types based on  the American Psychiatric Association’s  just-published official diagnostic system — the DSM  -IV — and written by one of today’s  leading personality researchers.

A long-time  backlist bestseller in its previous edition, it has now  been completely updated to include all the  fascinating new information about how we become who we  are-and how we can change.

The self-test in  The New Personality Self -portrait is  already used extensively in mental health and  business settings. It reveals a profile so personal,  so accurate, that it’s as individual as a  fingerprint.

Readers discover their unique mix of 14  distinct personality styles — and learn how those  traits impact their relationships, work and home  life. Fascinating case histories show each style in  action, with tips on how to live and work with  every type, and exercises for turning  vulnerabilities into strengths — plus warnings about when  individual differences develop into personality  disorders.


I found this book to be very accurate of my personality type. I am also quite familiar with the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram system, but in those they pretty much give you One type, and that leaves out a lot of information about yourself. This one however highlights the importance of your overall personality – your dominant personality style (also known as type), your leading styles, even the styles you are low on play an important role. I guess it is more so diagnosis than self-help, although it does give a good number of tips. Still, these two authors could possibly put out a book on this, except emphasizing helping yourself overcome your faults and weaknesses as presented in this book.
All and all, I highly recommend this book if you are interested in and take an appreciation for personality psychology.


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