How to Charge for Coaching Workbook

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This workbook will lead you through 5 Steps to understand how to price your coaching programs. It has a simple to follow, step by step flow that you will really enjoy. Remember, it does not have to be perfect! Print out a few copies, and have some fun with your first copy.


This workbook was created to help you take action to make your coaching
business successful and profitable. Use the following questions to
get crystal clear on your vision, goals and the actions required to
make them happen.
The key is to keep it simple, actionable and exciting.

Why Planning Matters

This workbook is the first step in creating a truly unique and profitable 6 Figure Coaching Business in your first year. Over the years, we have found that if you break down your business planning in to bite size chunks, then you will have a greater chance of actually doing the planning!

This workbook offers a unique way to look at what you need to do in your coaching business in order to have the lifestyle and income you need. Many programs ignore this very important point, and this is why most coaches and entrepreneurs fail. They fail because of cash flow.

Back in Sydney during the early 2000’s, I would bill my coaching clients at $450 per hour. The first thing I would review with the client is their Cash Flow statement. Note that 99% of clients did not have a Cash Flow Statement. Some clients would tell me that their accountants were handling the financials, or some office bookkeeper. Yikes!

“Great!” I would say. “But how much money are you taking home each week? And does this cover all your expenses? Does it allow for vacations or to put some money away for other lifetime dreams? Can you pay extra off your mortgage? Have you allowed for tax & compliance? Do you know how much each product/service in your business makes, and what the cost is to offer that product or service?”

You see, if you don’t make enough money to cover your own hopes, dreams and desires, then you will either go broke or be miserable, or both. It will most probably cost you more than just your health. It will probably cost you your relationship too.
Some of you maybe excited at the idea of planning out your whole year in advance. I know I get excited when I do my annual plan – just like the one you are about to do now. But most people would rather watch grass grow. I totally get it. However, if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Simple.

Every single business who uses this workbook:

Increased Profits
Killed unprofitable services & products
Kept Motivated
Felt Empowered
Made money in their own pockets
Had a lifestyle
Had choice
Understood the running of their business
Impressed their accountants
Felt in control
Planned their continued Growth
Had a happy business owner!

Let your imagination run wild. Think BIG. Would you like to add money for a vacation or two this year? Then add it in! Do you need a new car? If so what type? Add it in!
After you complete the 5 Steps, you will be ready to take the next step and create a Cash Flow Excel Sheet, to plan your 6 Figure Coaching Business.
While taking these exercises to a professional can save you time, you do not understand YOUR coaching business.
Plus a professional will charge around $4000 +++ for Financial Planning.
Learn this skill and understand how to create the coaching business that you have always desired.


Why Planning Matters……..
Why Undercharging Does Not Work .
Principles of The 6 Figure Coaching Business Program ………
Your Money Map ……….
5 Steps to Setting Your Coaching Fees.
This Is Your Time



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