As a coach, you need to ask yourself these questions to build on your own practice. Remember that you also need to be coach-able!


Identify your ideal client (be specific – visualize) your who (who are they?)


Where are they in highest concentration


How are you going to reach them (touch no.1)


It takes 6 to 9 “touches” from you to build rapport & trust systemise the touches (Direct Mail, phone, info letter, follow up, thank you card, appointment, book/ gift, workshop etc)


Quality. (Do they have a need? If so when, what time frame?)


Consultation – get in touch with their emotions build “D” – dissatisfaction, and paint V, vision


Let them know how to go through consultation / sales process use and know your purpose statement. Don’t “drill” down too soon, (like dentist), find bad tooth first then inform process to fix that. Remember D x V + F > R


They are buying you first. Gain knowledge, and confidence Earn the Right. Learn your earn the right

  • Be professional look and act the part. They want to be successful like you
  • Build rapport – be a high DISC (be what they need)


Start asking questions.  Know what questions you need to ask.  Listen to challenges.  They are “always right” not “wrong”.

    • Business owners generally are buying either time, team or money
    • Questions keep you in control and builds rapport. Use open questions that lead to answer you know they need
    • Practice, Practice, Practice


Don’t solve their challenges. Don’t be guru. Don’t become a product pusher


Build ‘D’ – Dissatisfaction (Questions), build ‘V’ – goals (time, team, money) tell ‘F’ – first steps (put your details here!)


Have a multiple option close (products, program, size, time etc.

    • Books, seminar, workshop, program etc


Visualization meditation, think of consultation before getting there.

Dennis Wong teaches coaching programs at IRI.

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