Welcome to the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program.

In this video I introduce who I am and how I can help you through this difficult period.

In addition, I ask you to do the following:

  1. Get a same-sex friend to help you talk about your feelings. The friend must be a “friend of the relationship”
  2. Get a diary to make notes on your feelings, new actions you need to remember to put into place, and quick notes on the exercises and activities you will do during this program.

I am here to help you throughout this journey, and answer any questions you have.

All I ask of you, is that you be respectful of other people in this course, and do not judge another persons story or opinion. Be sensitive.

Each and every person here in this course is going through pain, and looking for support.


Kindest Regards,

Dr Savannah Ellis

Dr. Savannah Ellis

DBA, MBA, BBSc, MPsych (Clin)


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