Welcome to the Prepare Enrich Training Course.


Firstly, please read this message in full, so you fully understand the IRI Training process.

It is important that you ONLY contact me if you have any questions about your training, before you are Certified in Prepare Enrich. If you call Prepare Enrich Headquarters BEFORE you are certified, they will not know who you are.


  • I work from Monday to Friday 8 to 5pm HAWAII TIME. If you have questions on the weekend, please wait till I start work Monday before I’ll get to your message.
  • My email address is: sav.ellis@hotmail.com

Secondly, please complete and return the attached form below and return it to me ASAP. To open the form, just click on the red link below. It will open the form.



Once you complete and return this form, I will arrange for your hard copy training kit to be sent to your door. This will come in around 5 working days.

The Prepare Enrich ID number and Prepare Enrich website login details will be emailed to you within 2 to 3 working days from receiving your completed form.

You will also receive two online assessments for you to use for yourself, or for a couple.

Thirdly, I am here to guide you through this online course. So if at any time you would like to set up a phone or Skype consultation, I will just require a few days notice. Many students will have questions they like to go over after reviewing the materials, and that is what I am here for – so don’t be shy in reaching out.

Lastly, there is NO test or quiz to complete this course. Once you have finished watching the videos, and feel confident with the content, then you are good to go!

About your certificate

You will also find a Certificate of Completion in the Training Pack sent from Prepare Enrich.


Enjoy the course! Remember, I am just an email away.
Savannah EllisDr. Savannah Ellis
DBA, MBA, MPsych (Clin)
Email: sav.ellis@hotmail.com






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