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Thank you for choosing this Online, Self-paced, Affair Recovery Program.

Recovery from infidelity is extremely difficult, and unless someone as actually been there or has extensive knowledge in this area – their advice can be at best misguiding and worst insulting and destructive to you and your family.

I have been helping couples and individuals recover from infidelity for many years. In this video I will share with you why I help people with their affair recovery.


There is hope!

Not only can you overcome the pain you are feeling right now, but you can make your relationship better than ever.

 You opened this course because you have felt the devastation, shock, anger, anxiety, resentment, and sense of helplessness that comes with being involved in a relationship that has gone through the terrible tragedy of an affair.

Right now you might be on the verge of hopelessness. You probably want to rebuild the relationship you once treasured so much, but you might be skeptical. You might be thinking, “We can never fix this; the wounds are too deep.”

This course might be your last- ditch effort to try and restore what has been lost.

If that’s the case, be assured that there is hope and that this course can help you. The materials presented here are based on my more than 20 years of experience helping couples overcome the difficulties they face after experiencing an affair.

In those years, I have seen many people heal from wounds they thought to be too deep to ever overcome. I have seen couples on the brink of divorce reestablish a loving, meaningful relationship. What’s more, I am witness to this fact: not only can you overcome the pain that you feel right now, but you can develop a relationship that is better and more fulfilling than it has ever been.

In this program we will take you through the best strategies and techniques to overcome specific problems you maybe facing right now.

I ask you to do the following:

  1. Get a same-sex friend to help you talk about your feelings. The friend must be a “friend of the relationship”
  2. Get a diary to make notes on your feelings, new actions you need to remember to put into place, and quick notes on the exercises and activities you will do during this program.​

I am here to help you and answer any questions you have. All I ask is that you be respectful of other people in this course, and do not judge another persons story.

Know that if I was sitting in front of you both each week, I would be pushing you through this every step of the way. The difference is that it would cost you $300 per hour ? For some couples, they need a tough coach to ensure they get through this time.

In this course, I will give you advice from behind a screen. But please feel free to leave your comments for me and for others who are going through the same time in their life as you. Share your stories, and if you try an exercise and it works, please share. If it doesn’t – share that too!

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If you need a private support group to vent your frustrations, we have created this private group

https://www.facebook.com/groups/SOS.relationshipsupport/ I recommend you join now.


Savannah Ellis

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DBA, MBA, BBSc, MPsych (Clin)

Facebook: http://facebook.com/infidelitycoach
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