Life Coach Training



Life coaches are one of the most sought-after professionals today.

The Life Coach Training Program is designed to prepare you for a smooth start and long-term success of your career as a life coach.

You will be given all you need to complete the course work. However, you will want to read books and information in the industry you wish to focus on after you complete the course.

For example….To become a relationship coach or infidelity recovery coach, you will need to understand how to work with two or more people at the same time, often in stressful situations. Understanding personality types can be helpful to you so to quickly resolve negative situations. If you want to be a business coach, you will need to read additional books in business coaching such as Co-Active Coaching.


Meet Your Teacher:

  • Welcome audio from IRI Founder Savannah Ellis. Savannah talks about her background in the coaching industry and shares with you how to make an income from doing what you love.



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