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Youtube marketing secrets

Learn how you can make money from your YouTube Videos…..


Finally, a step by step course, where the instructor demonstrates the lesson LIVE on his own YouTube site. You will be encouraged to implement each step immediately to your own YouTube Channel and see the same results. Great course.

 – Jesse, Sydney Australia



As therapists & coaches, you could feel uncomfortable in sales & marketing. If you do, then you are like 99.9% of your peers!

But it’s essential that you get views, subscribers and likes.

You could feel really frustrated at your current YouTube success to date, and wonder

……why do some people get a million views in a few days, but you get only very few … or even none?

It’s actually quite simple – there’s a few simple, easy things to do .. but – and let’s be honest here – YouTube and Google don’t really do a good job in explaining things, do they?

I spent the last 2 years testing, tweaking, re-testing, improving and eventually succeeding at YouTube .. and have now put this course together for you – to which you have full lifetime access, including all the updates, for free.

I “take you by the hand” and “behind the scenes” and show you everything, explaining it in simple “no jargon allowed” videos and written support lectures.

  • See exactly why I’m so successful with YouTube
  • See inside my YouTube account
  • See everything that I do to get these amazing figures
  • Nothing is left out – you see everything

YouTube Money Making Secrets


What are the requirements?

Nothing, Just A Desire To Promote Your Business Quickly and Easily!

What am I going to get from this course?

Over 58 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
Get More People Interested In Your Business
Get Your YouTube Videos To The Top Of YouTube
Get Your YouTube Views Increasing Instantly
Get Your YouTube Subscribers Increasing Instantly

What is the target audience?

Anyone Who Wants Free, Easy, Promotion For Their Business
Anyone With A Youtube Account
Anyone Who Wants More YouTube Viewers
Anyone Who Wants More YouTube Subscribers



Section 1: YouTube Success In Seconds

  • Welcome 5 min
  • How to Set Your Video Body Title Correctly 4 min
  • The importance of the video description in the title 3 min
  • A Keyword Tagging Secret 5 min
  • Tags 3 min
  • Thumbnail Secrets Revealed 5 min
  • Message To Subscribers 3 min
  • Annotations 16 min
  • Playlists 6 min
  • Section 2: Secrets to a Top Placing YouTube Channel

  • The New Improved YouTube Video Editor 20 min
  • Music to use in your videos 10 min
  • Audio Library 5 min
  • Enhancing Your Current Videos For Maximum Viewers, Subscribers 8 min
  • How to spy on your competitors 12 min
  • How to find perfect tags for your videos 3 min
  • End Slates Are Crucial To Your Success 12 min
  • Section 3: The Secret the Viewer Interaction

  • Fans 0 min
  • Who Are Your Most Important Viewers? 1 min
  • Comments 3 min
  • Handling comments..and my dog 5 min
  • Your YouTube Email 2 min
  • Section 4: Understanding Advanced Features

  • Features 5 min
  • Channel Settings & Defaults 4 min
  • In Video Programming 5 min
  • Promo Video 3 min
  • Advanced Settings 2 min
  • Section 5: YouTube Analytics

  • YouTube Analytics 5 min
  • Overview of analytics 14 min
  • Earnings!! 3 min
  • Views Report 4 min
  • Understanding The Demographics Of Your Viewers 4 min
  • Demographics 5 min
  • Where are your viewers coming from? 5 min
  • Devices 6 min
  • How To Analyse The Most Important YouTube Feature 18 min
  • Section 6: Understanding Engagement Reports

  • Engagement Reports: An Introduction 20 min
  • Likes And Dislikes - What You Need To Know 4 min
  • Examining Your "Favorites" Data 1 min
  • Favorites Report 2 min
  • Why Comments Are Massively Important 1 min
  • Sharing Of Your Videos 3 min
  • Annotations Reports - How To Read Them, How To Improve The Results 4 min
  • Section 7: Questions & Tips

  • Copyright FAQ's 4 min
  • 301 Issue 4 min
  • The YouTube PlayBook Guides 50 min
  • Backlinks 5 min
  • Helpful Tips - File Formats 5 min
  • Downloading Videos From YouTube 3 min
  • Section 8: Wrapping Up

  • Quick Reminder of What You Achieved 5 min
  • What you should NOT do in this course 8 min
  • Update on descriptions 5 min
  • Update Jan 2015 - Copyright concerns 0 min
  • Section 9: BONUS SECTION: Thumbnails

  • 13 Thumbnail Tactics 20 min
  • Thumbnail Principals 3 min
  • Thumbnails 10 min
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