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Affair Recovery Course

Perfect for Individuals


Understand Your Emotions

Understand Your Partners Emotions

Get Advice on What You Need To Do Right Now to Cope


This course is written by Clinical Psychologist & Affair Recovery Experts with over 20 years experience in affair recovery.


This course is essential reading if you are going through or have been through a relationship infidelity. Infidelity completely shatters your assumptions of the world around you – and even of yourself. You need to understand why you think the way do you, why you feel the way you do…but more importantly, you need to know what you need to do now – to change past patterns to ensure that don’t reoccur in the future.

I wrote this course (or affair recovery content) so people just like you, get to understand the affair recovery range of emotions and feelings – so you know how to process these feelings and be able to move forward and have a normal and happy life in the future.

You do not have to have your partner do this course with you. You can read this information and do the work for yourself. Many times, you will find that your spouse will join you in the course once you have began. If they don’t – they you know what you need to do, to have the relationship that you deserve.

Inside this course, you can ask questions in each section. I will answer any question you have. If you can dedicate at least 1 to 2 hours per week on your healing by reading this course and working through the content – then you have saved yourself $400 per week from seeing me in face to face therapy!

The ULTIMATE affair recovery course, created by an affair recovery specialist!


This course is suitable for anyone who seeks to put their life back together after an affair. The Infidelity Recovery Method was created by Clinical Psychologist, Dr Savannah Ellis, to help couples who could not afford a therapist or who lived in remote locations, and unable to access professional affair recovery advice.

The Infidelity Recovery Method has been designed with the idea that you can work through these steps at home, at your own pace, and without pressure. You do not need to explain your situation to a counselor week after week or pay for weekly counseling sessions, costing thousands $.

Course Outline:


Part 1 – Managing Emotions and Negative Thoughts

  • Discovering the Affair: How to Cope with the Initial trauma
  • The Four Roadblocks to Healing
  • A Simple 2-Step Process for uncovering unknown emotions
  • The 3 Steps to Clearing Your Mind and owning Your thoughts
  • Obsessions: What to Do When the Plague of Images Won’t Go Away
  • Rebuilding Self-Confidence, Self- trust, and Self-Respect
  • Seven emotional trials the Cheater Will Face
  • Healthy Ways to Process Your emotions
  • Managing Guilt
  • Self-forgiveness
  • Coping with Loneliness
  • Six Critical Rules for ending an Affair

Part  2 – How Does An Affair Start?

  • Reasons Cheaters Cheat
  • 10 Critical Dimensions of a Relationship: Analyzing Your own needs
  • Moving toward Healing: Coming into Agreement with Your Partner
  • My 3-Step Method for Coming into Agreement

Part  3: Affair Recovery 

  • Protecting the Relationship from Further Harm: Four Minefields to Avoid
  • Asking for Forgiveness: understanding Your Partner’s Pain
  • Six Steps to Creating a Heartfelt Apology
  • Accepting the Past and Moving into a Brighter Future

Part 4 – Communication

  • How to talk: An 8-Step Program for Learning Better-than-ever Communication
  • 10 Critical Conversations with Your Partner

Part  5: Trust

  • Trust: the Foundation of Your Relationship
  • Five Building Blocks for a totally transparent Relationship
  • 10 Destructive Habits that Demolish trust and tear Down Love
  • Six steps to resolving conflict quickly and effectively
  • How Growing Independently Will Help You Grow As a Couple

Part  6: Forgive Via Acceptance

  • Learning to Accept the Past
  • The Five Myths that Surround Acceptance
  • Three False Forms of Acceptance: Demons that Can Hold You Back on Your Road to Healing
  • Opening the Heart once More


  • Preserving Your Renewed Relationship: Building a Fence around Your Life together
  • Preparing to Write Your Relationship Contract
  • Your New Relationship Contract


  • A Membership only Forum for those couples experiencing infidelity and looking to privately communicate with an affair recovery expert
  • Bonus exercises and coaching videos added throughout the program

Online /Internet Course

You may start at anytime. This is a self-paced course.



Who is suitable for the Infidelity Recovery Home Study Course?

Both the Faithful & Unfaithful Partner

This course is suitable for anyone who seeks to put their life back together after an affair. There are specific sections for both the injured and the cheater. The cheater will benefit from reading the injured person’s sections and the injured person will benefit from reading the cheater’s section, although it is not necessary.

Can I do this course by myself?

– Yes. The content in this course provides strategies and tasks for an individual to heal after an affair. As most sections have advice for both the cheater and the betrayed person, you can both heal from this professional advice.

What else will I need to task this course?

– You will need a journal to write your thoughts and take notes during the entire course

- I advise to have a same-sex friend whom you can trust and talk to during this time.



Welcome & Introduction to Course Presenter Preview 30 min
  • How to use this Course: A Step-by-Step Guide for Restoring the trust 15 min
  • Personal Stories from the Martins and the Browns Preview 45 min
  • Section Review & Homework 60 min
  • Neglecting Your Partner’s Needs 30 min
  • The Betrayed Persons Emotions

  • Personal Healing for the Betrayed Spouse 10 min
  • How to Heal Yourself from Negative thoughts 180 min
  • Obsessive Thoughts 60 min
  • Rebuilding Self-Confidence, Self-trust, and Self-Respect 45 min
  • Emotional Shockwaves & Roadblocks 120 min
  • The Top 8 Emotions 120 min
  • The Process for uncovering unknown emotions 60 min
  • Healthy ways to deal with negative emotions 20 min
  • The Unfaithful Persons Emotions

  • How to Cope with Your emotions and Restore trust with Your Partner 10 min
  • 7 Common Emotions of the cheating spouse 30 min
  • Healthy Ways to Process Your Emotions 40 min
  • How to End the Affair with The 3rd Person 40 min
  • Affair Withdrawal 30 min
  • How to develop transparency 30 min
  • Will My Partner ever trust Me Again? 15 min
  • Communication

  • Emotional Connection & Engagement 10 min
  • 8-Step Program for Affair Communication 60 min
  • The 10 Critical Conversations 30 min
  • Congratulations! 10 min
  • 7. Forgive Via Acceptance

  • Phase Three: Negotiating a Renewed Relationship 10 min
  • Rebuilding Trust After the Affair 20 min
  • Rebuilding Trust through Transparency 30 min
  • Destructive Habits that Demolish trust 60 min
  • Trust

  • Restoring the trust through Transparency 10 min
  • The 6 Pillars of a Stable Relationship 120 min
  • Personal Development 30 min
  • Moving on with Your Life

  • Accepting that Which You Cannot Change 120 min
  • The Five Myths that Surround Acceptance 30 min
  • How to protect your renewed relationship 60 min
  • Your New Relationship Contract 120 min
  • Closing Comments 10 min
  • DOWNLOADS 2 min
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