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A Video Course With 6 Workbooks

Session #1: Kick Start Your Coaching Program!

Dedicated to walking beginners through the new landscape of a highly lucrative opportunity of making money, the first session is all about exhibiting the mindset you need and preparing yourself to become the next superstar coach. Discover the qualities of a superstar coach have that the mediocre ones do not!

Session #2: How to Structure an Effective Coaching Program That Works

Discover in minutes if your skills have demand worthy of going high ticket, and how to develop a systematic approach to passing down information and skills effectively to your students – in and out – no matter when you recruit new clients.

Session #3: Teaching 101

A good student but a poor teacher? No problem! Not all experts are necessarily great teachers but it can be learned. Discover two distinct approaches to teaching clients and how to create your own success story with them. Also find out how to protect yourself and your intellectual property legally in your pursuit of teaching others.

Session #4: Crash Course In Public Speaking

If you’re planning to enter the seminar business, the ability to speak well in public is essential. And if you have never had experience with speaking on stage before – or little, if any – this session walks you through a crash course process to build self confidence, overcome stage fright, and inspire the audience with your ideas and concepts. A must see session… especially if you’re ever planning to set aside the last 15 minutes of your presentation to selling your high ticket coaching program!

Session #5: How and Where to Find Clients

The ultimate concern and worry of many beginners in the coaching business is finally answered – all in this session. Learn a total of 7 totally different ways to source for clients who are already looking for you to coach them, and are willing to pay big bucks!

Session #6: Automating Your Coaching Career

Coaching is lucrative but it comes with a price: your own freedom. Learn how to automate your rocketing coaching business after setting it up substantially so you can reduce your stress by half, enjoy more free time, and make more money in the process!



Section 1

  • KS - Lesson 1 - Video 11 min
  • Section 2

  • KS – Lesson 2 – Video 10 min
  • Section 3

  • KS - LESSON 3 - VIDEO 10 min
  • Section 4

  • KS LESSON 4 - VIDEO 9 min
  • Section 5

  • KS - LESSON 5 - VIDEO 10 min
  • Section 6

  • KS - LESSON 6 - VIDEO 8 min
  • Section 7

  • Course Workbooks 60 min
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