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The 7 Steps to Affair Recovery

The ULTIMATE #1 Affair Recovery Coaching Program will teach you how to recover your relationship after an relationship infidelity, transform the quality of your relationships by understanding each others “Emotional Needs”, enhance your communication skills with proven techniques & how to effectively manage all negative emotions.

Taught by Infidelity Recovery Guru, Dr. Savannah Ellis – the Founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute.

These video lessons are unscripted, and delivered to you, as if you were sitting in the counselors clinic. Each in person per hour session with Savannah would cost you between $180 to $350. However, you can now try the 7Step Infidelity Recovery Model in the privacy of your own home, and receive over 12 hours of Savannah’s counseling time (Over $4,200 in value) for the investment in this course.

You will work through the “7 Step Infidelity Recovery” Model as a couple. 

This course will be offered at an introductory rate for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Before returning to rate of $497. Therapists who are trained in the 7 Step Model charge couples between $2500 and $6000 to work through the 7 Step System in clinic.

You can work through the 7 Step Affair Recovery system directly with Dr. Savannah Ellis, with video lessons and easy to follow exercises. PLUS, Dr. Savannah Ellis will coach you through any challenges through the in course Discussion sections. If you have specific challenges or questions, you can ask Savannah questions directly, inside the privacy of the course.

The #1 Online Affair Recovery Course

“This is a fantastic alternative to traditional counseling. You are getting the same quality advice as if you were sitting with me, in my clinic. Plus, if you feel stuck or don’t feel motivated to keep fighting for the relationship, that is when you reach out and contact me for a quick power talk, so I can guide you through the Step. For most people, you just need that quick 5 minutes of support and encouragement to remember your “why” and keep on moving forward.” 

– Dr. Savannah EllisStep 1 - Commitment


STEP 1 – Commitment

  • Why commitment to affair recovery is important
  • The 3 Steps to Affair Recovery Affair story
  • The Letter to the Lover
  • Transparency
  • Quality Time
  • Communication Requirements
  • The Affair Type



STEP 2 – Affair Storystep4

  • What happened during the affair
  • Strategy to tell the truth
  • How much information to tell
  • Why the affair happened
  • How to process the truth



STEP 3 – Personal Healing

  • Healing for the betrayed partner
  • Healing for the unfaithful partnerPersonal Healing
  • Healing for the family
  • Coping with Obsessions
  • Coping with guilt & shame
  • Depression – when to seek help
  • How to cope with Triggers
  • How to process anger



STEP 4 – Sex & Intimacy

  • When should you resume sex
  • How to start
  • What to do
  • Getting creative
  • Intimacy MonologuesEmotional Needs
  • Re-education on sex


Step 5 – Emotional Needs

  • What are emotional needs
  • How to meet emotional needs
  • What is a love bank
  • What are the 10 Most Important Emotional Needs



Step 6 – Forgiveness

  • When should you forgive
  • Why you can’t forgive
  • How to forgive


Step 7 – Moving Forward

  • Monogamy Education
  • Relationship Protection
  • Relationship ContractMOVING FORWARD AFTER AFFAIR
  • Visualization


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 83 lectures and 8 hours of content!
  • Determine the Affair Type specific to their relationship trauma
  • Understand why the affair occured
  • Stop triggers and obessive thoughts
  • Understanding each others most important emotional needs and have a plan to meet each others emotional needs
  • Have a safe and transparent relationship
  • Begin a fresh sex life in an environment of intimacy
  • Continue with the rituals and routines to ensure both people feel loved
  • Fully understand what happened in the affair.
  • Prevent future infidelity by understanding how couples stay monogamous


Section 1: Introduction
The 5 Stages of Affair Recovery


Section 2: The 7 Types Of Affairs
Introduction to the 7 Types of Affairs
Type 1 – Accidential Affair
Type 2: The Avoidance Affair Type


12 slides
Type 3: The Philanderer Affair Type
Type 4: The Entitlement Affair Type
12 slides
Type 5: The Split-Self Affair – AKA: Mid Life Crisis
Type 6: The Exit Affair Type
Type 7: The Sexual Addicts Affair
Section 3: Communication For Fast Affair Recovery
Step 1: Agreeing to Be Open and Honest
Step 2: Learn How to Talk and Listen Well
Step 3: Setting Aside a Time and Place to Talk
Step 4: Develop a Set of Parameters for Each Conversation Before You Begin
Step 5: Asking Open-ended Questions
Step 6: Know What to Ask and What Not to Ask
Step 7: Know What to Do When and If the Conversation Gets Out of Hand
Step 8: Being Consistent
Section 4: Step 1: Commitment
Step 1: End the Affair Exercise
What to do if the affair has not ended
When you need a separtion
When should we give up?
Creating transparency
Why meeting each others emotional needs is crucial
Quality Time
STEP 1 – Couple HW – The Monologue – The Essential 7 Step Magic Ingredient
Step 1 – Commitment Quiz
3 questions
Section 5: Step 2 – The Affair Story
6 pages
A message for the Unfaithful Spouse
16 pages
Section 6: Step 3 – Personal Healing – For the Betrayed Spouse
Self Care Checklist


1 page
STEP 3 Couple Homework – MSTL
5 pages
Section 7: Step 3 – Personal Healing – For the Unfaithful Spouse
1 page
Section 8: Step 4 – Sex & Intimacy
Sex & Intimacy
Non Sexual Touch is a safe place to start
5 pages
13 pages
The Foreplay Map Exercise
2 pages
Section 9: Step 5 – Emotional Needs
The Emotional Needs Defined
The Love Bank
The Love Busters
10 Critical Conversations
11 pages
The 10 Critical Dimensions of Your Relationship
11 pages
Understand why you argue, the way you do!
3 pages
Section 10: Step 6 – Trust & Forgiveness
Trust & Forgiveness Introduction
5 pages
Forgiveness Check List
3 pages
The Five Stages of Building Trust Exercise
6 pages
Personal Fears About Forgiveness
1 page
The Tower of Remembrance – Forgiveness Exercise
1 page
Section 11: Step 7 – Moving Forward
Moving Forward Introduction
Infidelity Prevention – The 7 Tips for Infidelity Prevention
2 pages
2 pages
Prevention – Vunlerabilty Quiz
STEP 7 Couple Homework – The Relationship Contract
145.15 KB
Section 12: Additional Challenges & Solutions
The Family Meeting – Helping the family move forward together
3 pages
Section 13: Common Questions
Can I move ahead in the Steps, as my partner is too slow?


When should we resume our sex life?
What do we tell the children?
Section 14: Bonus Enrichment Exercises
The Onion
The Marriage Satisfaction Timeline
5 pages
20 Things that makes me feel loved
2 pages
Section 15: Become Master Communicators
What are the predictors of relationship demise?
How to Recognise “Criticism” in your relationship
How to recognise defensiveness in your relationship
Communication Assessment Quiz
Test your knowledge of the 4 Horsemen
4 questions
Section 16: Course Templates
21 Day Ritual Worksheet
2 pages
Dysfunctional Thought Record
1 page
Section 17: Understanding Each Other
2 pages
2 pages
2 pages
2 pages
Quiz – Relationship Strengthes & Weaknesses
6 pages
Quiz – Sexual Variety
6 pages
Full curriculum

Instructor Biography

Dr. Savannah Ellis , Infidelity Recovery Coach, Author, & Educator

Savannah has coached thousands of couples and individuals from Sydney, Australia to Las Vegas, USA to help them achieve their relationship and personal goals. Her passion is to help people be authentic to themselves and others.

Savannah specializes in infidelity counseling and has trialed & testing the 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Model for several years. The Infidelity Recovery Model has had a huge success rate in her Las Vegas and Santa Monica Clinics. Savannah teaches this model to coaches and therapists.


Savannah is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute (IRI). IRI provides coaching, training and certification programs to coaches, therapists, counselors, and clergy.

  • Savannah provides individual and couple coaching/consulting, and online couple courses in the following areas:
    • Marriage Enrichment
    • Movie Therapy
    • Affair Recovery
    • Pre-Marital Counseling

Savannah has authored four books:

    1. Reboot your Relationship
    2. I Cheated: Affair Recovery Guide for the Unfaithful Partner
    3. Cheating, Spying, & Lying
    4. How to Attract Beautiful & Quality Women
  • Savannah is regularly featured and interviewed in magazines & radio:

    Elle Magazine, May 2014. Australia.
    ASIA Pacific Alliance of Coaches Newsletter, Volume 4, Issue 9. “From Betrayal to Recovery: The 7 Step System to Infidelity Recovery”, Sept. 2014. Australia.
    Mother Love Show – L.A. USA
    Baring It All – Las Vegas, USA.
    Marvelous Mondays – Florida, USA

  • Savannah holds the following degrees:

o (Current), Masters Mental Health Counseling, Walden University, USA

o MPsych (Clin) Postgraduate Diploma Psychology, Central Queensland University, QLD, Aust.

o DBA (Doctorate Business Administration), Southern Cross University, QLD, Aust.

o MBA (Master Business Administration) – UTS – Management & Marketing Majors, Sydney.

o BBSc (Bachelor Behavioural Science) – Monash; Majors: Psychology/Management, Melbourne.



  • Any couple who needs affair recovery advice. 
  • NOT suitable for Individuals only. Try the Infidelity Recovery Model Course.


Section 2

  • Typology of Affairs 10 min
  • Online Resources 0 min
  • Section 4

  • Phase 1: Affair Takes Place 0 min
  • Phase 2: Discovery, Confrontation and Crisis 10 min
  • 3. Initial Dealing with the Affair 10 min
  • 4. Beginning again: Building a Stronger Post-Affair Marriage 10 min
  • Section 5

  • Forgiveness & Resentment 5 min
  • Section 8

  • References & Sources 0 min
  • Online Support and Self-Help Groups 0 min
  • Section 9

  • Children & Infidelity 30 min
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