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  1. Forensic psychologists are scientist-practitioners. They apply psychological knowledge, theory and skills to the understanding and functioning of legal and criminal justice systems, and to conducting research in relevant areas.


USA, New York State, New York City, Crime scene barrier tape
USA, New York State, New York City, Crime scene barrier tape

This is a general public information course on the topic of scientific method as it applies to psychology in the legal (forensic) setting.

Those licensed to practise in related fields in their state or nation who wish to use this material for professional development are advised to contact their local registration authority regarding their policies for personal study.

Some material in the videos has been obtained with special permission so anyone wishing to copy or adapt the material, even for non-profit or educational purposes, would have to independently contact the publishers for their own permissions, depending on local laws..


About Me….

I’m a researcher in Sydney, Australia. I have a long history with the University of New South Wales, having begun my career in its teaching hospitals as a clinical psychologist, and acted as an expert witness in neuropsychology and forensic psychology.  I was a lecturer in the medical faculty and taught a variety of management and I.T. related courses.

Over the decades of this work I developed a range of educational/therapeutic activities and in recent years have been able to apply this research while working as a senior researcher at the state government department of education and training.




None: This course has no timetable so anyone can sign up anytime. If there are login problems let us know.

Forensic applications of sciences vary from country to country which is why I've tried to be careful in dealing only with the broad issues of scientific method rather than any specific techniques or even precedent cases.

This course was never intended as a quick romp through an exciting field, with the high drama of serial killers etc as seen on TV. Rather I wanted people to see how these issues impact on ordinary persons who have car smashes, divorces, workplace bullies and the like. This is where they're likely to see all this used for and against them.

So there is no expectation that anyone need finish the full course. It's more a reference resource than a manual.



  • Welcome to the course 16 min
  • Forensic Profiling in TV History 4 min
  • Forensic Psychology Profiling Quiz 10 min
  • Forensic Psychology - The Real CSI 82 min
  • Forensic Pathology & Death Investigation 90 min
  • Introduction

  • Introduction to Forensic Psychology 16 min
  • Introduction Quiz 15 min
  • Courtroom Science

  • Courtroom Science in Forensic Psychology 15 min
  • Quiz 2: The Neuroplasticity Argument 15 min
  • Expert Witness

  • The Expert Witness 17 min
  • Quiz - The Expert Witness 20 min
  • Scientific Method

  • The Scientific Method in Forensic Psychology 13 min
  • Quiz - The Scientific Method 20 min
  • Grey Areas

  • The "Grey" Areas of Forensic Psychology 13 min
  • Quiz - Grey Areas 10 min
  • Statistics

  • Forensic Psychology Statistics 22 min
  • Quiz - Stats in Forensic Psychology 8 min
  • Case Studies

  • Medical Misadventure 15 min
  • Discussion on Medical Misadventure 15 min
  • Forensic Psychology Case Study 30 min
  • Case Study Discussion 90 min
  • The Expert Witness 13 min
  • Quiz - Expert Witnesses 20 min
  • Bonus Content

  • How to Analyze People On Site 360 min
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