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The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Method®

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“We can choose to throw stones, to stumble on them, to climb over them, or to build with them.”

– William Arthur Ward, American Author

Are you looking for a better research-based approach to help your clients in affair recovery counseling?

Perhaps you have experienced infidelity in your own life, and now you could help others with your experience & a step by step proven method?


If you answered yes, then the Infidelity Recovery Certification is for you.


“The most beneficial outcome of The Infidelity Recovery Method Certification Training is that I can pretty much guarantee my clients a life after infidelity because of The Infidelity Recovery Method…”
Jeanne Geidel Newhall, CA
MFT – Marriage and Family Therapist

The 7 Step Method is a unique, step by step system to help a couple process their emotions after infidelity.

The infidelity recovery program was developed for several reasons:


  1. “To save the fabric of society” – With the divorce rates at an extremely high level, we as therapists and coaches need to take ownership of our ability to help couples stay together, and save the relationship after betrayal. Today, it is too easy to divorce, and for those families who have children, we see the children following parents footsteps into infidelity in their own relationships, or many face the inability to hold stable relationships.
  2. Provide a step-by-step method for therapist and coaches to guide a couple through affair recovery.
  3. To educate couples on how to have a loving relationship. The seven step infidelity recovery program is designed to change the conditions in the relationship environment, so by the end of the program the couple has a new relationship skill set.

The infidelity recovery course exists, as there was no method to help the therapist or coach treat the issues relating to the infidelity. Research indicates the majority of couples facing infidelity either do not consider counselling as a recovery option, or they do not believe in therapy. The result for the couple is divorce or ignoring the relationship challenges and living in misery.

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program by its very nature of being a “coaching program” -keeps a couple together for as long as possible after the discovery of infidelity. Knee-jerk reactions to one discovering their partners’ affair result in “quickie” divorces and nasty separations. It is the aftermath of affair discovery which causes long term psychological injuries for all involved, and their immediate family.

Time and again, we have found that couples who remain together throughout the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program, are able to find a mutually satisfactory path forward.

Furthermore, couples who complete the aftercare program have a stronger bond than pre-affair.

This is the magic of the 7-Step program.

online training for therapists

“This training is outstanding. The manuals make the process easy to follow and provide case studies and exercises to model. You’re passion and enthusiasm in the course materials make it great. I love how much detail you provide with each step.”

Dan Klatt, “Executive Life Consultant”
Sedona, Arizona 

Our groundbreaking “7-Step Infidelity Recovery Model” is the first of its kind to cater for the specific trauma of an infidelity relationship breakdown.

Help people in your community immediately after the training!

The Infidelity Recovery Method will give you the language, tools, and specific materials to hit the ground running. The sooner you start your coaching clinic after completing training, the better. It is advisable to put what you learn into use quickly while it is fresh in your mind.

Work with couples one-on-one or in a group setting

After you become a Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialist® you have the option to work with people in a one-on-one setting and/or facilitate the group-based Program. We provide you with detailed formats for both options. It’s completely up to you in choosing how you would like to help people.

In addition to the text and formats, you will have direct access to the Institute for guidance and direction. This is especially important in the first few months of implementing the program. We will support you for however long it takes to get your  programs up and running.

We will refer individuals and couples to you

The Infidelity Recovery Institute® is home base for our ever expanding international programs, with Certified Infidelity Recovery Specialists® in all corners of the globe. We receive inquires for Certified personnel from every community in America, and increasingly, throughout the world. Once you have begun running the program, you automatically qualify to be included in our Referral Network.


Course Content:

  • Introduction
    • Overview
      • The 7 Step Model
      • The 7 Types of Affairs
    • Coaching/Therapy/ConsultingThe 7 Affair Types
    • Background of 7-Step Method
  • The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Model
    • Intake
    • The 7 Steps
      • Commitment
      • Affair Story
      • Personal healing
      • Sex & Intimacy
      • Emotional Needs
      • Forgiveness
      • Moving Forward
    • The 7 Types of Affairs
      • Review of each affair Type
        • One Night Stand
        • Avoidance Affairs
          • Conflict avoidance
          • Sexual avoidance
        • Philanderer
        • Entitlement Affairs
        • Exit Affairs
        • Split Self Affairs
        • Sexual Addiction Affairs
      • Comparisons
      • Modifying the treatment program to affair type
    • Implementation
      • Pulling it all together
        • Sales & Marketing Funnel
      • Suggested 12 session program
      • Selling the model as a program
    • Business Skills
      • The 7 habits of successful Infidelity Recovery Therapists
      • The entrepreneurial mindset
      • The seven stages of practice building
      • Essential skills
      • Listening skills
      • Avoid these pitfalls
    • Wrapping Up
      • Tools & Resources

Additional Techniques & Methods taught in this course

  • Monologues
  • Marriage expectationsPyramid_revised
  • Communication –
    • Gottman’s – 4 Horsemen
    • Gary Smalley – Breaking the argument cycle
  • Conflict
  • Relationship Love Maps/Quizzes
  • Intimacy
  • Trust
  • Relationship Moving Forward Contract
    • Money
    • Genogram
  • Coach Specific personal improvement
    • Pre session personal preparation
    • Intake Checklist for coaches
  • Medical Movies
    • medical-movies
    • Movie Therapy Questions
    • Movie Therapy_Role Play
  • Business Building Tips

Online Infidelity Recovery Coach Course Includes:


You don’t need a special degree to help couples in affair  recovery

Anyone with a genuine desire to help people is a candidate for Certification. Since this educational program is directed at the emotions caused by betrayal, it does not require special degrees or academic credentials.

IRI has created TWO specialized courses to suit your background & experience:

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Professionals

The 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program for Coaches


Course Aims and Outcomes: 

By course completion, the student will be able to:

·      Understand Affair Types

o   Assign an affair type to the infidelity

o   Understand the effect an affair type has on the current relationship, and future relationship.

o   Create a treatment program around the affair type

o   Understand the individual needs (of the unfaithful spouse and the betrayed spouse), both short term and long term, based on affair type.

·      Understand the key issues in affair recovery for long term mental health benefits

·      Use the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program to guide the Affair Recovery journey.

·      Use “coaching” as a method, alongside of therapy methods

·      Use experiential teaching/homework methods with couples

·       Expand your therapy practice into new areas – For example: you will learn how to expand your current practice with offering “Online therapy”, as you are now “coaching”.

·      Build a referral network to your practice

·      Use a 90 Day Marketing Plan to introduce the 7-Step Infidelity Recovery Program into their community



Here are some examples of people who take our training:

Mental Health Professionals: It is logical that mental health professionals, who have observed the level and degree to which their clients have been affected by loss, would want to acquire the most effective skills possible for guiding those clients. Many therapists believe that The Infidelity Recovery Method is the missing link for completing the discoveries that have surfaced during their work with clients, as well as a major adjunct to effective ongoing therapy.

Coaches: Life Coaches, Relationship Coaches, and coaches or various helping backgrounds understand the effect infidelity has on their clients. Coaches are able to implement the 7-Step program easily, and motivate the betrayed couple to fight for their relationship.

Clergy: More than any other professional group, the clergy are most likely to be involved when a couple has experienced infidelity. We often ask our friends in the clergy how often they get this call: “Hi, Pastor Bob, I’m just calling to say that I will be at confession on Sunday, and will give my sin to Jesus.” The only way for a couple to repair the relationship after an affair is between each other first, and then through God.

People whose lives have been altered by Infidelity: Infidelity and the life-altering emotions attached to it, tends to create a heightened awareness of the value of commitment. Many people who have experienced major devastating losses feel compelled to help others. However noble the intentions, that desire must be matched by effective information and a workable program.

The Infidelity Recovery Method Certification Training provides significant career expansion and opportunities for both mental health professionals and non-professionals alike.


“I am so delighted to have done this program as it has definitely enhanced my business and more importantly, The Infidelity Recovery Method has improved the emotional well being of my clients…”
Emer Galway, Ireland
Psychotherapist & CounselorInfidelity Recovery Training

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This course is open to anyone with an interest in next level relationship coaching.

Perhaps you have worked/supported a "help line" or have had past experience helping others. Now you are ready for professional training

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Course Teacher: Dr. Savannah Ellis

Assistant teacher: Sabeen Johnson

Helping individuals and couples is my passion and purpose in life. I have never regretted leaving Corporate Australia to pursue my passion of becoming a counselor. I learn and grow daily, and it is an honor when people allow me into their lives.

About Savannah

  • Savannah is the founder of the Infidelity Recovery Institute. IRI provides coaching, training and certification programs to coaches, therapists, counselors, and clergy. The training programs include: The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Method Certification Program; Life Coaching Certification; Prepare Enrich Certification; The 6-Figure Coaching Business.
  • Savannah has authored four books, Reboot your Relationship; “I Cheated”: Affair Recovery Guide for the Unfaithful Partner; Cheating, Spying, & Lying; How to date Women.
  • Savannah is a regular guest on various radio and television shows in both Australia & the USA.
  • Savannah is regularly featured and interviewed in magazines, Elle Magazine, May 2014, the Australia Coaching Federation Magazine, 2014.
  • Savannah holds Psychology degrees from Monash University, Australia: Bachelor Behavioral Science (BBSc), and post graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology. She also has many years of business management and coaching experience, and holds Management qualifications: Master Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctor Business Administration (DBA).

Savannah is a member of the Australian Psychological Association (APA), an Associate Fellow Member of the Australian Institute of Management (AFAIM), and a Certified Prepare & Enrich Facilitator .


Published Books:

2016 Fee: 



The Infidelity Recovery Method Certification Training is a unique programme designed specifically to assist you to help those with broken hearts retake a productive place in the mainstream of their lives.

"I am so delighted to have done this programme as it has definitely enhanced my business and more importantly, The Infidelity Recovery Method has improved the emotional well being of my clients…"

Emer Hennelly, Galway, Ireland
Psychotherapist & Counsellor


How does Infidelity Recovery sit alongside bodywork or other complementary therapies?
Infidelity Recovery is not therapy, but it is therapeutic. It is an educational method and often appeals to those already in Complementary Therapy, due to the desire to help others. All we ask is that you make it very clear to your clients that Infidelity Recovery is NOT therapy, that you keep your therapy sessions separate and do not mix the two. Many therapists find that having resolved the Infidelity issues the therapies then work much more effectively.

Is there a contractual relationship involved in the Certification Process?
Yes. A long term license and service agreement allows you to affiliate with the Institute and the intellectual properties protected by copyright law. Since it is not a franchise agreement, any monies you make as the result of providing Infidelity Recovery services to the public, belong to you.

What additional fees are payable?
Once you have paid for your Certification course no further fees are payable.

What fees can I charge?
There is no franchise agreement and we make no claims about how much money you can earn working as a Infidelity Recovery Specialist. You are free to determine your own scale of charges although you may find it helpful to check what others are charging. You may even choose not to charge, the choice is yours.


Section 1

  • Introduction 15 min
  • Why do we need Infidelity Recovery Coaching? 60 min
  • Section 2

  • Step 1 - Overview 5 min
  • Why is Commitment an important step? 0 min
  • Section 3

  • The 7 Types of Affairs 60 min
  • Section 4

  • The Monogamy Pyramid 45 min
  • Section 5

  • The 7 Steps to Affair Recovery - The System 90 min
  • Section 8

  • Implementing the new system into your practice 120 min
  • Section 9

  • Case Studies & Testing 120 min
  • Online Affair Support and various Self-Help Groups 2 min
  • IRI Coaches Code Of Ethics 15 min
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